Sinop University Underwater Archeology Application and Research Center, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette no. 29227 on January 5, 2015, located in Sinop which, according to the ancient sources and archaeological findings, has been an active port city since the beginning of the Colonization Period, continuing in the later periods, including the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, continues its activities.

Aims and Objectives of the Research Center

To carry out scientific studies, excavations and research in the fields of shipbuilding technology, maritime, coastal, port works in marine and inland waters, and to publish these works. To carry out conservation and restoration works in order to protect the archaeological findings unearthed by underwater excavations and to transfer the cultural heritage in this area to future generations and to establish laboratories for repair and protection purposes. To train and prepare a team of divers who can carry out practice and research dives in line with the objectives of the center. To conduct national and international congresses, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions and courses in underwater archeology, conducting scientific and social and cultural activities. To make studies on the recognition of our underwater cultural heritage in the sea and inland waters with tourism.

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– German Course

– Underwater Diving Course

– Russian Course

– Yds-YÖKDIL course

– Ottoman Turkish Course

– Persian Course

– Certificate Program For Improvement Of Executive Competencies

– Training of trainers Certificate Program-training of expertise in digital marketing and social media

– Communication Training With Individuals With Special Needs

– Old and Patient Care Course – digital competencies course – Arduino practice course – STEM training


– Underwater Diving Course-Ottoman Turkish Course

– Training Certificate Program For Trainers

– English Course (Intermediate))

– Yds course in English)

– Speaking Course In English)